This website was developed by Carlos Cassim, 28, a brazilian musician and fan of Richie Sambora.

Created with the purpose of being known in all over the country, our main intention is to make Richie know that he has lots of fans in Brazil and also maybe get in touch with him.

As you may see in the website’s videos, Carlos Cassim is the guitarist of a Bon Jovi Tribute band. As a huge fan, Cassim works hard on playing the solo’s in the same way as Richie does, always trying to reach the most perfect execution. He has also put in guitar chords all the songs from Sambora’s solo albums, a hard work just to help the fans play the songs correctly.

With all this dedication, we hope to make Richie proud of this brazilian fan.

The page was all written in portuguese, but it’s possible that we have the same in english too. If you'd like to see it in your own language, send us an e-mail: rs@richiesambora.com.br

If there're enough orders to it, the website will have an english version too. So it's very important that you send us a message so we can check if there's a need to it!

Even if you don't understand our language, it's worth visiting the website. We developed it in a very didactic way with lots of images, so it's easy to understand the contents.

Thanks for visiting!
Carlos Cassim
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